Passing a night with a stranger could result in absolute enjoyment and you could end up wishing it never happened. One night stand is becoming a sexual culture these days. People go to parties and clubs and see someone they “feel” could give them a good treat for the night without even knowing them before. But do they even wonder the good, bad and ugly sides of this action? Whatever the outcome of a one night stand is, you sure have to accept it and live with it for the rest of your life.

The good

A night with a stranger could be thrilling, memorable and lovely. You may find such person cute or adorable enough, and see he/she possesses all the charisma you really want. After the intercourse, you may even be convinced such person has more than you had predicted. Some have all the styles to make you go crazy in bed while some are good kissers leaving you with a memory to love with, for life. If at the end of the sex, you love virtually everything that has happened between you both, you may want to be seeing each other everyday. This happens only if it ends well with you both. By seeing everyday, you bring out more love and one good thing is you may end up having serious relationship.

The bad

Love is very powerful and mightier than whatever sex may give you for a night. After you have had a night stand, it could be a very wonderful sensation you look forward to having more of. It will be a heartbreak if your partner only wanted a night stand and not a relationship. If you get stuck between feelings after a night stand, you’re either toying with heartbreak or day-dreaming. What if your partner declines taking it further? The memories will disturb you for a long time- before you finally get rid of the feelings.

The ugly

Meeting someone for the first time and having sex together as strangers could be very risky and unhealthy. The stranger with which you’re going to have sex could have one terrible disease or complicated health issues. This is why it is not always safe to meet someone today without knowing each other well before any intercourse. However, situation could arise that you don’t have an option around to get a condom, would you still go in raw? What if your partner is an HIV patient? These and many more are what you should always consider before having intercourse with a stranger.