The Ultimate Tips for a Happy and Healthy (Sex) Life in South Africa

A healthy sex life, what’s that? It sure doesn’t mean having multiple and unprotected sex. One thing is certain, whatever a happy and healthy sex life is, this would most certainly be an exciting read.

What is a happy and healthy sex life?

Don’t get it twisted; sex is good for your emotional and physiological well-being, its an essential part of maintaining the unity and love between a married couple and you may add, a means of having fun and connecting with someone you are dating. However, what happens when sex becomes unhealthy? How do you ensure you have a healthy sex life? Not taking paying proper attention to your sex life can be detrimental to your health, emotions and social interactions.

A happy and healthy sex life in ZA greatly depends on how much you put into it. Take into consideration all necessary health advice regarding sex and put in an extra work into brushing up your sex games (if you know what I mean). In Forbes-Roberts words “You don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again – it’s not good for anybody, Trying new things – and using new muscle groups – are all very healthy for sexuality.” Here are the ultimate tips to keep you on the right track with your sex life.

Health before satisfaction.      

Before you get down with anyone ensure you’ve satisfactorily gotten tested for everything. STDs aren’t a new thing in the sex game, you can’t be too careful about them either. Rule out any unpleasant and detrimental STD by ensuring you and your partner get tested regularly.

Also, ensure you during sex, and when you don’t take a bath and take prescribed antibiotics. So when next you are kissing and pulling on your jeans ensure you have a condom handy at least.

Stay on a healthy diet

An active sex life should be backed up with a very healthy and highly nutritious diet. Diet plays a role in your sex life. Sex drive by the type of food choices we make. Having sex is energetic and as your diet should include energy boosting meals.

For men, not making the right food choices could lead to loss of libido, weight loss, and penile dysfunction and let’s not hope it gets to that lack of self-confidence. A good meal plan for guys should be high in proteins, minerals, vitamins.

Generally, consume foods that can benefit the libido – fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables, protein, such as milk, and good-quality red meat, or salmon. Treats such as dark chocolate, bananas, red wine with polyphenols which are fantastic for the libido.

Try new stuff with your partner

Sex is not rocket science and doesn’t have to in a particular always is room for change and ideas. If you have you’ve to try out take the step, talk about it with your partner you would to discover they may share similar fantasies.

Sex dating and sex toys are allowed

Thanks to recent campaigns and awareness people are gradually sliding into each other’s DM’s on the various sex dating apps available. Gone are the days when you stay insolated in sadness because this hot girl/guy at the club didn’t give consent for sex. There are millions of horny people (no pun intended) on several sex dating sites app for South Africa waiting for a “Hello, I’m Jake

On the other hand, vibrators and dildos are nothing to be shy . If you want a sex toy, it’s because you want more enjoyment. With sex toys, you could discover more erroneous zones in your body; you never know were there.

Let it come naturally to you

Stop trying too hard, stop aiming for perfection and don’t overwork yourself.Forget the stereotypes and what playboy magazine tells you, nobody is ever perfect when it comes to sex, hence be careful of actions you take to pose as an excellent lover.

To cap it up, if you take care of your sex life, you enjoy the benefits of sex. sex orgies, sex enhancement drugs, extreme sexual activities could pose a threat to health and life.