10 foods that can improve your sex drive in Singapore

10 foods that can improve your sex drive in Singapore

All healthy foods can help to improve your sexual life, but there are few outstanding ones that are very beneficial and work like magic to improve your sex drive. Many people have interpreted alcohol as a tool to having a healthy sexual life. But the ratiocination is wrong, alcohol can only increase your sexual desire, it will decrease your performance in bed.  A medical expert and sexologist once said that any food or fruit that looks like a part of the body is good for your sexual life. Is this postulation true or not?  Check the list below to ascertain or discard the postulation.

1. Walnuts

Walnut is a very nutritious food that has been medically proven to be of great benefit to sexual life. Walnut helps to improve the quality of sperm cell in male. It also improves the shape, fertility and movement of sperm during sexual intercourse.  If you want a general improvement on your sexual life, include walnut in your diet everyday and see the improvement in a very short time.

2. Avocados 

Avocado is a fruit rich in vitamin B6 and Folic acid. Vitamin B6 is an essential ingredient that helps in stabilizing hormones for sexual pleasure while Folic acid is essentially rich in energy. They’re both necessary for a healthy sexual life.

3. Peaches 

Peaches are very rich in vitamin C, which is important in improving the quality of sperm. High concentration of vitamin C also helps to war against infertility.

4. Watermelon 

A man that experiences erection problem and a woman with low libido can improve their sexual life with Watermelon.

5. Strawberry and raspberry 

Strawberry and raspberry both have seeds rich in zinc. This macronutrient is good to improve your sexual life and make you enjoy sex more. These fruits are not only good for the male, it’s equally important to improve female sexual activation. High concentration of zinc helps to increase women’s libido and get them fully activated for sex. After every sexual intercourse, men lose a percentage of zinc in their body. This is why it is very important that men fill their bowel with food rich in zinc regularly.

6. Egg 

Doctors have advised that eating an egg daily is one of the ways to correct erectile dysfunction. A man who wants to improve his secular health and particularly erection should eat an egg everyday. This will help him to enjoy sex and subsequently improve his performance in bed.

7. Almonds

Almonds are very beneficial in improving your general health. It is very rich in an enzyme called arginine which helps to improve the circulation of blood throughout the body and particularly in the veins that supply the sexual organs with blood. A food rich in Almonds will also help you to relax blood vessels, so you need to include this in your daily meal.

8. Chocolate 

Dark chocolates is known for releasing endorphin and serotonin. These enzymes help to improve mood which turns out to make sex more enjoyable.

9. Steak

Steak is very rich in different nutrients. It contains a high concentration of zinc which improves libido in men and women. It also contains iron, protein and vitamin B. These nutrients are very essential for your body, and you can’t but enjoy your sexual life each time you include steak in your meal.

10. Saffron

The last but not the least on the list is Saffron. It contains an essential food supplement that help to improve sexual life and gives stamina to the body, especially for maximum enjoyment during sexual intercourse.

The Ultimate Tips for a Happy and Healthy (Sex) Life in South Africa

The Ultimate Tips for a Happy and Healthy (Sex) Life in South Africa

A healthy sex life, what’s that? It sure doesn’t mean having multiple and unprotected sex. One thing is certain, whatever a happy and healthy sex life is, this would most certainly be an exciting read.

What is a happy and healthy sex life?

Don’t get it twisted; sex is good for your emotional and physiological well-being, its an essential part of maintaining the unity and love between a married couple and you may add, a means of having fun and connecting with someone you are dating. However, what happens when sex becomes unhealthy? How do you ensure you have a healthy sex life? Not taking paying proper attention to your sex life can be detrimental to your health, emotions and social interactions.

A happy and healthy sex life in ZA greatly depends on how much you put into it. Take into consideration all necessary health advice regarding sex and put in an extra work into brushing up your sex games (if you know what I mean). In Forbes-Roberts words “You don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again – it’s not good for anybody, Trying new things – and using new muscle groups – are all very healthy for sexuality.” Here are the ultimate tips to keep you on the right track with your sex life.

Health before satisfaction.      

Before you get down with anyone ensure you’ve satisfactorily gotten tested for everything. STDs aren’t a new thing in the sex game, you can’t be too careful about them either. Rule out any unpleasant and detrimental STD by ensuring you and your partner get tested regularly.

Also, ensure you during sex, and when you don’t take a bath and take prescribed antibiotics. So when next you are kissing and pulling on your jeans ensure you have a condom handy at least.

Stay on a healthy diet

An active sex life should be backed up with a very healthy and highly nutritious diet. Diet plays a role in your sex life. Sex drive by the type of food choices we make. Having sex is energetic and as your diet should include energy boosting meals.

For men, not making the right food choices could lead to loss of libido, weight loss, and penile dysfunction and let’s not hope it gets to that lack of self-confidence. A good meal plan for guys should be high in proteins, minerals, vitamins.

Generally, consume foods that can benefit the libido – fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables, protein, such as milk, and good-quality red meat, or salmon. Treats such as dark chocolate, bananas, red wine with polyphenols which are fantastic for the libido.

Try new stuff with your partner

Sex is not rocket science and doesn’t have to in a particular always is room for change and ideas. If you have you’ve to try out take the step, talk about it with your partner you would to discover they may share similar fantasies.

Sex dating and sex toys are allowed

Thanks to recent campaigns and awareness people are gradually sliding into each other’s DM’s on the various sex dating apps available. Gone are the days when you stay insolated in sadness because this hot girl/guy at the club didn’t give consent for sex. There are millions of horny people (no pun intended) on several sex dating sites app for South Africa waiting for a “Hello, I’m Jake

On the other hand, vibrators and dildos are nothing to be shy . If you want a sex toy, it’s because you want more enjoyment. With sex toys, you could discover more erroneous zones in your body; you never know were there.

Let it come naturally to you

Stop trying too hard, stop aiming for perfection and don’t overwork yourself.Forget the stereotypes and what playboy magazine tells you, nobody is ever perfect when it comes to sex, hence be careful of actions you take to pose as an excellent lover.

To cap it up, if you take care of your sex life, you enjoy the benefits of sex. sex orgies, sex enhancement drugs, extreme sexual activities could pose a threat to health and life.

Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Every Day

Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Every Day

It is pleasurable and to some extent creates an emotional attachment but is that all there is to it, read on to find out why having sex should be top of your to-do list. (Use sex apps especially designed for India to find enough partners.)

Ways Regular Sex Promotes Good Health

According to a recent study from Harvard Medical School, regular sex promotes the general well-being of an adult. It has also been discovered that adults who engage sexually occasion have lesser chances of health risks such as Prostate cancer, heart attack, and Insomnia. A recent study in the journal of the American Medical Association state that men who jerk off 21 or more ejaculations per month are at a lower risk of prostate cancer than those who did four to seven times. Let’s take a look at other useful benefits of “boinking” regularly.

  1. An Excellent way to burn calories

“Sexercising” is one of the most fun ways to burn large amounts of calories. Think about it, all that action and sweating sure makes you feel you are on natures treadmill. Studies have shown people who engage in sex at least a week burn at least 5% calories than other methods of exercise.

  1. A natural elixir for youthfulness

Maybe you are not aware, but regular sex keeps you on the youthful scale for a longer time than usual. According to a study carried out by David Weeks, a Scottish researcher and clinical neuropsychologist. A group of randomly selected people whose age was underestimated by seven to 12 years was also reported having sex at least three times a week, while some whose ages were grossly overestimated confessed to not having sex in a long time.

Also, regular sex keeps the reproductive system healthy and lowers the risk of suffering age-related reproductive organ diseases such as a fibroid, prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer.

  1. An excellent stress reliever and laxative

The best rest and sleep you can get are often those that come after having sex. During sexual intercourse, fresh blood is supplied to your tissues and organs, the heart becomes more active than ever, and when the sex is over, the aftereffect of all these actions is a laxative feeling.

the University of Maryland and the Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea,  research found that rats who had sex more often experienced less stressed, and since stress makes your brain less able to function, that made them more intelligent thinkers. A 2005 study discovered that people who had regular penile-vaginal intercourse had lower blood pressure and better stress responses than people who didn’t.

From a broader perspective, getting a good sleep relieves stress and contributes to the overall well-being of a person. Now since sex is a natural way of achieving this, far better than sleeping medicines, you do the math.

  1. Relieves menstrual cramps

For the ladies, the uncomfortable cramps experienced during menstruation can be greatly reduced if you engage in sexual intercourse and experience regular orgasms. No pun intended but good sex is an awesome cramps reliever. A study done in 2000 discovered that 9 percent of 1,900 women were masturbating purely to get rid of their menstrual cramps. 

  1.  Improve intellectual ability

This may come as a surprise but a recent study by the  University of Maryland and Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, discovered people who engaged in regular sexual activities are smarter than people who don’t. In their opinion, regular sexual activities and orgasms keep brain cells and neurons active and more receptive to information.

So in theory, regular sex (dedicated websites for India can help: for example this on) would make you live longer, become smarter, have a lower risk of suffering most diseases and reduce menstrual cramps. You should keep sex top of your to-do list for “health reasons.”Now if you find it difficult getting laid, try the numerous sex dating through any of the popular sex dating apps, thank me later.

5 benefits of sex on your health

5 benefits of sex on your health

You may be surprised to see that active sex has a way of improving your general health. There are a lot of benefits attached to sexual life, and you may not want to stop “banging” if you get to know these topmost secrets today. Let us check the list below and see what sex has to offer our general health.

1. It lowers the risk of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is becoming rampant in the society and it has no gender preference. Researches have revealed that when you constantly have sex, you’re at the verge of getting rid and lowering your risk of having high blood pressure. It lowers your systolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the blood vessel blood pressure that is achieved while heart beats. According to a Medical director of Amai Wellness,  he pointed out that regular sex can work the magic of lowering blood pressure. He also stated categorically that sex, not masturbation, is really beneficial to health.

2. It lowers the risk of having heart attack

One other secret benefits of sex is that it helps to lower the risk of having heart attack. Sex is a good for your heart. Aside from being an “exercise” that helps to increase your heart beat rate, researches have shown that it is a good way to keep oestrogen and testosterone in good balance.

3. It reduces the risk of prostate cancer

One of the sexual ailments of men is the prostate cancer. Having regular sex can prevent men from developing prostate cancer and consequently improve their sexual life. In a research carried out by medical practitioners, it showed that men that ejaculate about 21 times in a span of twenty-one times monthly are less likely to have prostate cancer. When you engage in regular but safe sex, you’re going to enjoy your sexual life more. If finding a casual hook-up would be a problem, masturbation is also said to be an alternative that prevents prostate cancer.

4. It helps to reduce stress

After a stressful day at work, it’s one of the best things to find an activity that ultimately helps to relax emotions and reduces stress. Sex is a good choice that you can resolve to if you really want to get more relaxation. When you reach orgasm, stress reduces to a very considerable level. Having regular sex could save you of money you could have spent on drugs to reduce body stress. Releasing some sex hormones alongside ejaculation could make you feel better. However, you must ensure that the partner with which you’re having sex is safe and free of all sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Sex boosts your libido.

Constant lubrication of vagina is a sign that your libido can be boosted. When you have regular sex, your sexual life improves and you get more sexually healthier. When you have sex regularly, you always want to have more of the pleasure (see here how to find dates). Invariably, your libido is getting more activated as you engage in more sexual activity.

3 healthy habits that will improve your sex live

3 healthy habits that will improve your sex live

If you really want to enjoy sexual pleasure and rev up your libido, there are certain habits you need to keep. Not only sex dating can help or using sex dating apps, there are some habits that you must also learn to refrain from. Maintaining a good and healthy system will help you address certain sexual dysfunctions and erection problems. As for females, these habits will help you to enjoy sexual pleasure and correct every egregious sexual dysfunction as well. You need to know these habits will not only help to improve your sexual life but also improve your general health.

How your sexual life can be improved with these 3 healthy habits 

1. Refrain from Smoking and Drinking Alcohol 

Nicotine, a content of tobacco can contract your blood vessels. This constriction can lead to the damage of veins and arteries. If veins and arteries are destroyed, there are chances that the blood vessels that facilitate the reproductive organs will be destroyed, which will adversely affect your sex life. However, if you quit smoking, you’re at the verge of improving your sex life and enjoy the experience better. Also, excess consumption of alcoholic drinks can result in damage of vital internal organs such as liver. However, low-concentration alcohols like wines are able to prevent heart diseases. But when consumed excessively, it causes depression.

2. Exercises 

Regular exercise is necessary to keep the body fit and improve sexual life. When you keep yourself on regular exercise, you put your cardiovascular system in a healthy state. A regular exercise is necessary to activate and increase the levels of sex hormones e.g endorphin. If you constantly put yourself in a regular exercise, there will hardly be a room for disease to stay in your body. Regular exercise aids easy circulation of circulation of blood throughout the body system, including veins of the reproductive systems of men and women. This blood circulation is associated with gaining full erection in a little time and enjoy sex better.

3. Eat healthy food 

Many people are oblivious of how food can improve their sex life. Not just any food can do, only healthy food rich in certain nutrients can boost your sexual activation. Eating balanced diets, fresh fruits and vegetables can help to improve your sexual life. Multivitamin and antioxidants are also helpful in preventing prostrate cancer. Also, strawberry, pine nuts and raspberry are medically said to contain zinc; an essential micro-nutrient for male and female sex drive activation. Avocados, watermelon and almond are also good choices that can help to improve your sexual life.



Passing a night with a stranger could result in absolute enjoyment and you could end up wishing it never happened. One night stand is becoming a sexual culture these days. People go to parties and clubs and see someone they “feel” could give them a good treat for the night without even knowing them before. But do they even wonder the good, bad and ugly sides of this action? Whatever the outcome of a one night stand is, you sure have to accept it and live with it for the rest of your life.

The good

A night with a stranger could be thrilling, memorable and lovely. You may find such person cute or adorable enough, and see he/she possesses all the charisma you really want. After the intercourse, you may even be convinced such person has more than you had predicted. Some have all the styles to make you go crazy in bed while some are good kissers leaving you with a memory to love with, for life. If at the end of the sex, you love virtually everything that has happened between you both, you may want to be seeing each other everyday. This happens only if it ends well with you both. By seeing everyday, you bring out more love and one good thing is you may end up having serious relationship.

The bad

Love is very powerful and mightier than whatever sex may give you for a night. After you have had a night stand, it could be a very wonderful sensation you look forward to having more of. It will be a heartbreak if your partner only wanted a night stand and not a relationship. If you get stuck between feelings after a night stand, you’re either toying with heartbreak or day-dreaming. What if your partner declines taking it further? The memories will disturb you for a long time- before you finally get rid of the feelings.

The ugly

Meeting someone for the first time and having sex together as strangers could be very risky and unhealthy. The stranger with which you’re going to have sex could have one terrible disease or complicated health issues. This is why it is not always safe to meet someone today without knowing each other well before any intercourse. However, situation could arise that you don’t have an option around to get a condom, would you still go in raw? What if your partner is an HIV patient? These and many more are what you should always consider before having intercourse with a stranger.

Things you should not do on dating sites

It would seem that there is still some confusion over what to and what not to do when using a dating service. There are tons of do’s and don’ts articles online, but let’s just focus on what not to do. Whether you are looking for something serious or just wanting a casual fling, there are some general rules you should follow

  1. Mention your size or member. Unless you are just looking for free sex up or one-night-stand and you know they are interested in your genitals, keep details about and pictures of your junk to yourself.
  2. Don’t be pushy. If someone says they aren’t interested in you, doesn’t want to give you their number, or says they aren’t ready for a date with you, respect that. It is a huge turn off when people whine because they are denied something. If you can’t handle this, maybe better use an escort service.
  3. Be creepy. So many points can be consolidated into this one, but I feel like it deserves its very own point. If it sounds like something that would upset, you if said to your mom or sister don’t say it to someone else. This goes for your too ladies.
  4. Copypasta. People can tell when you copy and paste the same message to everyone. Unless it’s incredibly clever and has a damn near 100% reply rate, don’t just copy and paste messages. Everyone knows that online dating can be frustrating and coming up with new things to say can be tiring, but people know when you’re sending the same thing to everyone else.
  5. Use pet names on dating sites. This may just be a pet peeve of mine, but I hate it when I just start talking to someone and they are already calling me baby. Hold off on using pet names until you know that both parties are interested and it’s okay to call them by something other than their name.
  6. Only talk about physical features. When all you have to talk about is how captivating their eyes are or how hot their body is, the conversation is going to die off very quickly. Talk about their hobbies, your hobbies, shared interests, or a plethora of other things. It’s okay to mention something you find attractive about them once or twice, but don’t try to base an entire conversation around their physical appearance.
  7. Use group pictures of pictures with dead animals. Most dating apps or websites start with physical attraction. If all you have are pictures of you in a group or people, you are going to miss out on a lot of matches. People don’t want to pick through pictures trying to figure out which one is you. Furthermore, most people like cuddly, cute animals, so a picture of you next to a dead deer may put off more people than you realize.
  8. Don’t pretend to be someone else. If you are looking for something serious online, it is important to be yourself. If you do find something serious and it lasts a while, you will either have to keep up the charade of being someone else or admit that you lied about who you are. Just don’t do it. Be yourself.